Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest Unveils Messages. What Does This Mean for Your Brand?

By , On August 12th, 2014. In Pinterest, Pinterest Best Practices, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest Promotios.

Pinterest recently debuted their message feature, which allows Pinners to have one-on-one or group conversations about specific pins. This enhances their “Send a Pin” feature, which is wildly popular (with more than 2 million pins sent via the service every day) but was heretofore limited in the sense that users couldn’t really continue the conversation around pins once they had sent or received them. Now, users and brands can keep conversations around their favorite products going without having to leave Pinterest’s site.

Pinterest’s messenger comes with some pretty awesome features. Pinners can interact with pins directly in the message feed, save pins from messages to their own boards, click on pins to see their source, and send entire boards or user profiles to their friends. The platform supports group chats of up to 10 people, and Pinterest incorporated its Guided Search feature directly into the messages field, so users can discover and share content in real time that is relevant to the conversation they are having.

What Pinterest Messages Are, and What They Aren’t

For brands hoping that Pinterest messages will be a megaphone to reach a huge audience of Pinners, prepare to be disappointed; they are, by design, intimate. In order to participate in direct messaging, the user must be following the brand, and vice versa. This was done to preserve the Pinterest experience, and protect users from the potentially spammy applications of messaging. That said, on Pinterest a whisper can be much more powerful than a shout, and this new feature goes a long way towards transforming Pinterest into a commerce-enabled collaboration tool where people can get together to discuss (and buy) their favorite things.

What Pinterest Messages Mean for Brands

The implications that Pinterest messages have for marketers are huge. Imagine the power of being able to have intimate conversations with your brand’s key influencers directly on Pinterest, fostering deeper relationships with them and quickly building a network of brand advocates. Messages also have the potential to be a huge audience builder, as a non-user who gets a message from a friend will receive a link to check it out on Pinterest. You might consider running a Pinterest promotion to capitalize on this new feature and its potential for viral growth, as you can now message individual participants to thank them and encourage them to share the promotion with their friends, drawing those friends to your Pinterest profile.

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