Pinterest Marketing: What The New Acceptable Use Policy Means for Your Brand

By , On February 6th, 2014. In Pinterest Best Practices, Piqora Features.

Here’s what Pinterest’s new Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) means for your brand’s Pinterest marketing strategy: “Don’t buy and sell Pins or pay people per Pin, follow, etc.”
There’s a longer version, obviously, but that’s the main point. Influential pinners and brands can still work together on paid campaigns, you just can’t, “be compensated for each action on Pinterest.”

Pinterest Acceptable Use Policy

The short version of Pinterest’s updated AUP

There are a bunch of reasons for this change, which the folks at RWW and Mashable have discussed.

How To Do Pinterest Marketing Now

Now that Pinterest has explicitly made it against their AUP to pay pinners for specific actions on behalf of your brand, what does that mean for your Pinterest marketing strategy?
Well, unless you have been paying for pins, nothing should change. Working with influential pinners and advocates of your brand on paid campaigns is still fine with Pinterest after all. So, if your next question is how to identify those influencers and advocates, then that’s how Piqora’s complete marketing suite for the visual web can help.

Finding Influencers and Engaging With Their Pins

It’s not a secret that pinners with large followings can drive more repins, traffic, and followers to your brand’s boards on Pinterest. That’s why Piqora’s Popular Users dashboard displays the most influential pinners for each categories:

Pinterest Influential Users Hair and Beauty

Screenshot of Piqora’s Influential Pinners dashboard for Hair & Beauty

As you can see in this screenshot, the Influential Pinners dashboard has links to each influencers social profiles, so you can engage with their pins on Pinterest, or reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter. This is the right way — that complies with Pinterest’s AUP — to build relationships with popular pinners.

Know Who Your Brand’s Advocates Are

The next group of pinners that can move the needle for sales and engagement are your Brand Advocates. These are the folks that pin the most from your website.
Piqora’s Top Pinners dashboard shows who has pinned the most from your site, how many repins resulted, and their social profiles. To reach out, just click through this dashboard, leave a comment of one of their pins, or mention them on Twitter.
Most Influential Pinterest Pinners

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices

Of course, before you start reaching out to influencers and building a team of brand advocates, you have to lay the foundation of Pinterest marketing best practices:
1. Integrate the Pin It button on your site – Featuring Pin it buttons prominently throughout your site will help prompt visitors to Pin, driving viral reach and powerful social recommendations. Because Pinterest is implicitly tied to all things “visual”, the best placement for Pin-it buttons is right on the image itself. Don’t forget to also place a Pinterest icon among your social icons with a “follow” CTA to drive these already highly engaged website visitors to your Pinterest profile. Here they’ll hopefully like what they see and become a follower.
2. Publish pins when your followers are most engaged – Since Pinterest is a time-based feed, it’s critical to publish when your brand’s followers are active. Piqora’s engagement dashboard and Pin Scheduler make this super-simple.
3. Use a data-driven pinning strategy – By knowing which of your pins get the most engagement you’ll be able to improve your pinning strategy. Additionally, by seeing the pins that drive the most traffic back to your site, you be able to add those pins to your own boards. Piqora’s Pinterest Analytics product has web-based dashboards that deliver easy-to-understand data for both of these must-have reports.
4. Pinterest Contests & Sweepstakes – Pinterest promotions are the #1 way to grow your brand’s followers, engagement, referral traffic, conversions, and Average Order Value. Piqora has now powered more than 500 promotions on Pinterest, and we’ve seen what it takes to get results like a 500% increase in sales, 50k+ pins, 5 million impressions, and 100k website visits.
Request a demo to see how Piqora’s complete marketing suite for visual, interest-based networks can help your brand track engagement and ROI from images, publish content efficiently, engage with influencers and advocates, and run contests & sweepstakes to grow your community on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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